6 Lessons Learned from the Disaster Recovery Graveyard

graveyardsceneWhether you’re a business continuity mastermind or disaster planning beginner, there are plenty of things that can give you quite a scare. But never fear! In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve compiled six different horror stories to caution you about potential disaster recovery pitfalls.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Nearly 70% of businesses will lose power sometime in the next 12 months. Don’t let the lights go out on your business. Since every organization has different power needs, it is important to know and understand your risk as well as your building’s power requirements ahead of time. Schedule a consultation with an electrician today.

The Skeleton in the Closet
Regardless of how scary it may be, it’s time to dust off your plan and put it in motion. Testing your recovery plan is the best way to ensure that your business will remain operational, no matter what. Remember: disaster recovery tests should be learning experiences, not pass/fail exams. A Table-Top exercise is a great place to start.

You Can Run but You Can’t Hide
In the event of a disaster (or a zombie apocalypse) where will you go? Share your evacuation (and shelter-in place) plan and meeting place with employees and post it around the building. Schedule a drill so all employees know exactly where to go and what is expected of them.

The Silent Killer
You may not be able to rely on cellular networks in the event of an emergency. They may be overloaded or simply unavailable. Regardless of the severity of the interruption, it is critical that you have a way to communicate with employees, clients and stakeholders. SMS text messaging has proven to work even when other mobile functions are down. (Agility members, the Alert Notification tool is perfect for this.)

Office turned Ghost Town
If your place of business becomes nonoperational due to a disaster, that is not the time to be thinking about where you can temporarily set up or permanently relocate your shop. With a well-planned and tested program, everyone will know what to do and will spring into action.

I Know What You Insured Last Summer
Do you have insurance against ghosts, goblins and ghouls? It is important to make sure you have proper insurance coverage in the event of a disaster. Sit down with your agent yearly to review your policy and coverage limitations. Make sure you keep photos of your building, equipment lists and policy information stored in a safe and secure offsite location. Business Interruption policies and added expense coverage are important policy necessities.

Avoid becoming our next horror story. Click here to chat with one of our recovery experts to learn how Agility can to protect your business.