Small Business Management: 3 Signs it’s Time to Hire

We small business owners love our jobs. For us, it’s not just work – it’s a way of life. So it’s only natural that hiring your first employee can cause trepidation. But you can’t let fear stand in the way of your success. If any of the following small business management points speak to you, it may be time to hire.

Small business management: 3 Signs it's Time to Hire

The quality of your work is slipping.

Feeling overwhelmed isn’t a new thing for small business owners. We’ve all had those moments where work piles up and it feels like you’re not giving 100 percent to customers because you’re being pulled in several directions. But if you’re consistently not living up to a standard quality of work – and, worse, if clients are taking notice – it’s time to hire. In today’s economy, small business owners feel like they need to load up on projects just to stay afloat. But overwhelming yourself is a great way to turn off customers. Lighten your project load and your small business management process will become much more efficient.

You’re passing on big opportunities.

Learning how to use the word “no” is important to maintaining a work-life balance. But if you’re passing on really great business opportunities because you’re too bogged down with day-to-day tasks, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. Handing off things like administration and accounting frees up valuable time that’s needed to grow your business.

Your kids don’t recognize your face.

OK, that’s a bit melodramatic. Working long hours is vital, especially in the start-up stages. I’m guilty of answering emails on a Sunday or wrapping up a major project when I should be at family dinner. As a small business owner, that’s just part of the game. But burnout is imminent if you’re not taking some time for yourself. If your personal life isn’t in order, chances are your business won’t be, either. Find a way to divvy up the workload. You’ll feel better and more inspired on a regular basis.

Are you a small business owner who has recently hired an assistant or employee? Tell us what made you decide to take the leap.

Need help assessing if it’s time to hire and how to go about it?



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