10 Ways to get more business

You bit the bullet. You set up a website because new prospects and existing customers kept asking you for your website address. Then, too, there were all those stories you kept hearing about small companies bringing in significant business through their web sites. So, you paid a web developer thousands of dollars to put your business on the web, or spent countless hours of your own time learning enough about the web and about html to put up the site yourself.

But your site’s been up a couple of months and you haven’t gotten a single sale you can trace to the website. What happened? What’s wrong? What do you need to do to make your website start bringing you business? Here are several tips that will help you fine tune your site to make it a more effective marketing tool.

Make sure your site looks professional
Take a hard, cold look at your site – or ask a friend who will be brutally honest to look at the site. Does it look professional? Are the graphics professional-quality and clear? Are the fonts, font sizes, and font colors used in a consistent way? Or does your site include design flaws like these that immediately mark it as an amateur production:

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By : Janet Addard


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