How to Get Discounts for Your Small Business Today

As recently as a couple of years ago, I would never have considered searching for an online coupon for a B2B service. That’s because I wouldn’t have expected to find one. Today, however, it’s just standard practice for me to search online for coupons before I make any major purchase. This simple step has saved me literally thousands of dollars in the past few years.

Yet, even though I now think more frequently about searching for online coupons, I know I have overlooked savings opportunities simply by not being mindful enough of where and how to look for discounts. And discounts take the form of more than online coupons. Here are five steps to take today to find discounts for your business – both offline and online:

1. Check all recurring invoices and billing statements for discounts – You’ve heard of trade terms, right? Trade terms allow you a discount for early payment of an invoice. Check each and every vendor contract to see if discount terms are indicated in the invoice or other documentation. Don’t forget insurance premiums and other types of recurring payments. If discounts are available, do what it takes today to take advantage of those discounts. Schedule automatic electronic payments so that you don’t miss early-payment deadlines. If you pay by paper checks, schedule reminders to make sure the checks go out in plenty of time. Instruct your staff or your outside bookkeeper to put through payments promptly to take advantage of discounts. Likewise, be aware of late payment charges and when those kick in – you want to avoid those, too.

2. Ask for discounts – If your ongoing vendor arrangements do not contain discounts, evaluate each to determine whether you have enough bargaining power to get better terms. Typically you will have to offer some kind of concession in exchange for a discount – such as committing to minimum purchase volumes or agreeing to pay 6 months or more in advance. To keep a valued customer, some vendors will gladly offer a discount. As long as you keep your requests businesslike, you have

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