Home Business Ideas for Small Business Start Ups

startbusinessI just spent an hour or so researching hot business start ups and business idea trending for 2009 and the next couple years. No big surprises really. Business ideas that are poised for hot start ups have leveled off a bit I think. Seems a several year meltdown period followed a go for broke, get it now, free for all with the late nineties and early 2000’s

Sticking with our theme of home based business ideas I thought I’d mention a few of the hot business ideas that are becoming popular start ups from home. I’ll save the benefits or better yet redirect you when I can find some of the articles I’ve posted on the benefits of home based business models.  One trend people are seeing in the wake of the dot com bust is small businesses reassessing the Internet. Not as a new business model or as an opportunity for investment with large return, but more as a way to improve on what they are already doing. Many are low cost business ideas, some are even free, requiring no capital.

Some of the top business ideas that were started in the last three years are simply user friendly tools to communicate with customers. Third world business ideas even utilize the Internet to attract funding, spread their message, and communicate need. Companies like iContact who simply provide a platform that a company can use for marketing, improving customer loyalty, and even to educate its employees on web based marketing.  I’ve notice the everyday tasks associated with doing business get so simple with the advent of the tight niche platform products that new start ups are using as a springboard into the marketplace. Its great, some even make my life easier.

One, more specific, business idea that is building a whole new class of entrepreneurs and “socialpreneurs” are CMS’s or Content Management Systems. A CMS makes it extremely easy for everyday or “nontechnical” people, like myself, to publish websites and blogs. The new group or industry, if you will, that these CMS’s are creating is SEO professionals. Search Engine Optimization is a surging market.

Comprised of small one man companies and large growing corporations the SEO industry is really starting to boom. It takes what it takes and when website owners are counting the costs of doing business SEO is making it on the list and for good reason. Search traffic is a quality of traffic that can be so targeted, so refined, that its worth investing in. When in history have we been able to connect with people who are looking for exactly what we have, EXACTLY when they are looking?

Its a powerful concept. One that I’m really excited about and enjoy the benefits of. Not only do I use my Blackberry to find information from anywhere, I also use the intricacies of search to improve traffic to my few small business blogs. I’m a small player in the world of search and that’s OK. I’ve got my place and enjoy it. I earn money doing something I like and would do anyway. Kinda cool.

For more informtation  go to : http://www.createliberty.com/


14 thoughts on “Home Business Ideas for Small Business Start Ups

  1. I run my own travel business from home and I am now in my 5th year. It was a massive step to give up my day job with a regular salary and venture into the unknown – thankfully it has worked out well and I now earn about 50% more than I did when i was employed – I recently read an article which talked about ‘just do it’ which explained how we spend so much time ‘planning’ our great ideas and never get around to actually starting them – so the idea behind ‘just do it’ is make the first phone call – put a card in a shop window announcing what service you can offer – or ask someone if they wil buy from you – thats the first steps and you never know where it might lead – beware of scams but if you have an idea just do it!

  2. Thank you for the post. I greatly enjoyed it. I have a business that I started from home as well. It IS a very big leap. But, if you don’t make that leap, you will never know. I also think that Making The Leap is at least half the battle. It’s adventurous! And you may very well be successful and extremely thankful that you had!

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  4. There are many great ways to make a legitimate income from home. So many people are afraid they will be scammed, but if they look to these proven work at home ideas then they will have better chances of sucess and less of a chance at getting scammed.

  5. SEO IS a big deal! It’s Yellow Pages expanded to the nth degree. Savvy businesses will learn how SEO and social media works, plan a strategy (with help if necessary), and carry it out. Small businesses really are on the “levelest” playing field ever.

    Hopefully, it keeps getting better, too!

  6. Just came from another site that mentioned CMS…

    Something I need to start looking into I guess.

    Thanks for the post.

    By the way, I agree with Pete Boston!

  7. Absolutely,Content Management, SEO and data management are home based business ideas. However, it depends on the skill level and adaptability.

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