“Going Green”

recyclePresident Barack Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus is intended to revive the economy, largely by putting people back to work.  A hefty chunk of that money, $ 40 billion, is aimed directly at creating what the administration calls “green jobs.”



10 hot green job industries to watch in 2009 

  1. Advanced biofuels
  2. Building retrofitting
  3. Geothermal energy
  4. Green Chemistry
  5. Green manufacturing
  6. Smart grid
  7. Solar energy
  8. Sustainable agriculture
  9. Sustainable green retailing
  10. Wind energy

 Unemployed seek training form green-collar jobs !

Students and schools are betting that President Barrack Obama’s campaign to promote alternative energy and curb global warming will create millions of well-paying green jobs that do not require a four-year degree.

 Energy Star

Increasing energy efficiency is a win-win for American businesses- Lower energy costs lead to more profits, and greater efficiency helps to protect the environment.  For small businesses, the cost savings and efficiency gains can be especially dramatic.  Simple changes and strategies can cut energy costs by more than 25 percent, and the Small Business Administration, working with others in and out of government, is here to help small businesses achieve these savings.  The Federal Government helps small businesses increase their energy efficiency through the ENERGY STAR for Small Business Programs, an effort tailored to meet the special needs of small business owners.  ENERGY STAR, a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, is completely voluntary and provides free technical support and expertise.  Getting  started is easy.  Visit the ENERGY STAR Small Business Web site to learn more about the program and about how every small business can benefit.  Financing options are available.


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