Del Mar Portability Study

dmclogogoodActing under the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 in its Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) of 2005, the Department of Defense recommended the end of activities of Naval Station Ingleside and the realignments of Naval Air Station Corpus Christi and Corpus Christi Army Depot. The closure is expected to be completed by 20111. According to Tim Foreman Director of the Navy’s Office of Small Business Programs, “Small businesses are a critical component of the Navy’s industrial base2.” As such, the small businesses in the Ingleside and Corpus Christi area undoubtedly play a role in the current economy and will likely serve as key contributors to the region’s future prosperity. 

  To aid the Del Mar Small Business Development Center in identifying businesses and economic opportunities in the area, this study contains a business inventory and economic analysis for the affected area including and surrounding Naval Station Ingleside. The purpose is to enable area small businesses, community leaders and government contractors as well as base employees to adequately prepare for the effects of the base closure.

  Key industries are outlined with the gaps identified between projected employment outlook and short-term job loss as well as analysis as to which industries have more potential for business growth. Apart from containing an inventory of businesses within the nine-county Del Mar SBDC region, this study utilizes geographic information system (GIS) technology to visually convey the concentration of businesses by location and by industry.

  Though data for the nine-counties of the Del Mar SBDC region are reviewed, a detailed economic analysis is contained for each of three most affected counties: Nueces, San Patricio and Jim Wells counties. These economic analyses determine opportunities and gaps in the counties’ economic landscape for new and existing small business activity.

 To help you find a map showing businesses within the Coastal Bend area. You may find the appropriate map by selecting zip codes or industry sectors plus a few additional parameters. Go to

To see a copy of the executive summary, please go to the below link.

To see a detailed report on the Portability Study, please go to the below link.


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