How to Maximize Your Advertising Dollars:

The most important thing to remember when advertising is: to test, test, test. Don’t put all your quarters in one slot machine if it’s not paying off.  Selecting the correct media, testing and monitoring the response will make your ad dollars go the furthest in producing results.  Don’t be afraid to cancel an ad or change directions early if the expected returns aren’t happening.  Don’t let media sales people talk you into something that isn’t working.  It’s YOUR business and your advertising money, so spend it wisely, YOU make the decisions.  Advertising can and will work if you put in the necessary time to investigate all the media that is relevant to your business.  Stay with the media that works and drop the losers as fast as you can.  Once you advertise, their sales reps will be constantly calling you for reruns and renewals.  Don’t be talked into continuing with a media that’s not working and will not help your business grow.  For more advertising advice, check out one of several free on-line training courses located at


*Supporting information for this post was provided by Small Business Marketing Idea-Letter.


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