Entrepreneurship—It’s never too late

Do you ever think to yourself that all the good ideas for a new business, product or service have all been discovered already and that nothing you think of is worthy of marketing in a business venture. Maybe you are convinced that a new business start up is too risky, one has to work too hard at it, or that the payback isn’t worth the investment.


The truth is that entrepreneurship is hard, risky and often doesn’t provide a significant return on investment. It’s common knowledge that more businesses fail within the first five years than not. Despite all of this, many people have that intrepid spirit to pursue an idea, secure financing and take that idea into a new business venture.


For those who are of that ilk and want to try their wings with one of their business ideas, one thing I would recommend is to talk to people who have done it, (whether or not they succeeded), and get the honest input of the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship.


I found the following website hosted on the web version of the Washington Post. It’s a series of interviews with various people who are academics and business owners and otherwise life-long entrepreneurs who share their insights on what makes a business venture successful and not. It made me realize that there are still many creative people with creative ideas who, with that intrepid spirit, may have what it takes to build that idea into a successful business. Their stories are honest, insightful and important for first-time and experienced entrepreneurs alike.




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