Electronic Bid Matching Opportunities for Your Business

typing.jpgPTAC services can be summed up in three words – Registrations, Certifications, and Solicitations. Registrations are the places you should have your company listed – State of Texas Centralized Master Bidders List, the federal Central Contractors Registration, the Small Business Administration’s Dynamic Small Business Profile to name a few. Certifications are a great way to market your company to agencies; if your company qualifies! The list of certifications is rather long. Most certifications require the company have minority ownership. PTAC can assist you in determining if your company is eligible.

The last of the three – Solicitations – is the focus of this article. There are a number of ways that government agencies purchase items. Relative to the amount of the procurement and the immediacy of the need, they can look in their regulations and determine how they can announce their need – can they make three calls for verbal bids, go put it on a credit card or post a solicitation. Positing a solicitation is commonly used if the price is larger – say over $25,000.00, but that depends on the agency. The greater the dollar value of the procurement, the thicker the solicitation! Agencies used to post their solicitations announcements in a publication called the Commerce Business Daily. The Commerce Business Daily was a weekly rag that had to be combed with a magnifying glass to locate opportunities that would apply to your industry. Some companies had small staffs that did nothing but look through the CBD. Times have changed!

There is now a better way to locate solicitations for your company. Del Mar College has contracted with the SBDC at the University of Texas – San Antonio Technology Center to bring electronic bid matching services to PTAC clients for the remainder of 2008 at no charge! This service will go out on the internet, search for and send email notices of solicitations from government agencies that need the goods and services you provide! Automatically, daily, and free of charge! This can save you a great deal of time and energy over trying to locate them yourself! If you are interested, please call Sean at 698-2221 or Margie at 698-1025 for more details!


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