Tools to keep you on track

calendar.jpgWhat tools do you use to plan?  I use the calendar that is with my email software.  Del Mar uses Lotus Notes.  We used to use Microsoft Outlook.  I am not sure which one I like better. But we all need tools to help us plan. 

I like to use the feature that allows me to enter an event every year on the same day.  I have been happily married for twenty three years, and one of the reasons I can say “Happily Married” is I have never forgotten my anniversary, or my wife’s birthday.  We all have important dates that we need to remember; dates that are so important, that if we forget them we will be, well – up a creek, in the dog house, or even out to pasture!  These events are important to us.  We have every intention of remembering them and executing the prescribed duties associated with the date, but sometimes we forget!  Despite our best intentions.

As business owners, we have dates we need to remember – because there are important things we need to do on those dates!  Sales Tax checks are to be mailed by the 20th of every month.  Withholding deposits made on or before the 15th of every month.  Note payments, end of the fiscal year, W-2’s by the 31st of January…and the list goes on and on.  As business owners who seek to sell goods and services to the government, there is another list of dates that are important.  Can you name them without reading ahead?

PTAC wants all government vendors to mark their calendar – electronic calendar on the computer, palm pilot or you desk pad calendar – all your relevant dates for contracting.  Here is a list to help you get started…the renewal date for your CCR Registration (Central Contractors Registration).  This must be renewed every year.  Your renewals for any certification you may have – State of Texas HUB, the Regional Transportation Authority MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), Federal SDB (Small Disadvantaged Business Certification).  Don’t forget your annual updates and reports if you are 8(a).  Put other relevant dates on your calendars such as pre bid meetings for opportunities you may want to consider bidding on; due dates for RFP’s or RFQ’s  (requests for proposals or quotes).  Enter the date when you learn from an agency the next time the contract you want to bid on will come up for bid.  This may be years from now – a very important date, and very easy to forget over time. Mark dates for conferences and training that can help you with your business as well.  You are starting to get it now, aren’t you?  You have probably thought of a couple since you started reading this, haven’t you?  Better mark’em down!

I would rather not have the feeling in the pit of my stomach when I realize I have forgotten something important.  That chill that comes over me.  Not good!  I must confess, I checked my Lotus calendar and saw that I had to write this blog article!  Thank you calendar!

Use your tools!  Your memory is too full of other important information to remember everything!  Put it in you calendar now, you’ll be glad you did!  And make sure you don’t forget you anniversary.


2 thoughts on “Tools to keep you on track

  1. I agree,

    Using your tools allows you clear your mind and not have to worry about a thousand things to do! You can stay focused on the task at hand.

    There is nothing worse than working with a cluttered mind

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