PTAC Service


Del Mar College PTAC is funded by the Defense Logistics Agency –Small Business Programs Office and Del Mar College to increase the type and number of businesses selling to government agencies. We can assist at the federal, state and local levels of government procurement. The next important point is how we do this!

Del Mar College PTAC has several programs in place to assist clients with their goals of selling to the government. Here are a few ….

Bid Match from PT@SSIST – We offer a subscription service for an electronic bid match service that searches government procurement posting sites for solicitations that match your company. Each evening the search engine speeds through the internet looking for government bid opportunities that match codes and words in your profile and emails them to you. Pretty Cool! This is an incredible time saver if you are currently seeking bid opportunities on the internet by hand. This subscription costs $100.00 a year, and a free trial period is available. For more information on this call Margie Silguero at 698-1025.

F.W. Dodge Report – PTAC has an agreement with the McGraw Hill to provide the F.W. Dodge Report to small startup special trade and construction concerns. These reports include detailed information and contact information on construction projects throughout South Texas that are in the planning, bidding and award stages. Subscribers to this service will receive an email each week, usually Monday, which has three tables of activity in the three categories mentioned above. Subscribers can email back a request for detailed information and that will be returned via email as well. This subscription cost $120.00 a year. If you are interested in the Dodge Report, we can offer you a free trial period.

Plan Room – We have invested time and money to bring government construction project plans and specifications to you at no charge. We currently receive plans for projects from the Port of Corpus Christi, the City of Corpus Christi, and the City of Laredo. If we do not have what you need, we’ll do all we can to get it for you ASAP!

For more information concerning the services described above and other PTAC services, please give us a call at 698-1025.


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