PTAC Service


Do you Yahoo? When was the last time you GOOGLED anyone? How are your internet skills? I hope you are up to speed with all the latest and greatest internet technology if you hope to sell your goods or services to the government.

The obvious prerequisites are a computer and general knowledge of its operation. These days computers are available at really low prices. I remember when a personal computer was a big investment for a small business. That is just not the case anymore. Even Wal-Mart sells computers. Next comes a good and fast internet connection. Dial up just doesn’t cut it anymore. DSL, high speed, whatever your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers for fast – high volume transmission is no doubt worth the investment.

Now that the equipment and the service are in place, let’s take the next step! Can you use it? I imagine that even some of the most experienced internet aficionados will say they don’t know it all when it comes to surfing the web. If you feel the same way, you’re OK! The list of the things you need to know is not as vast as you might imagine. As far as how the internet applies to government contracting – there are two things you need to have to make it work for you. Time and Effort. Notice I did not say money!

Those who are efficient on the internet have taken the time to explore and practice. There is nothing like OJT – On the Job Training. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with search engines on-line. I also encourage you to make the effort to learn as much as you can about how the government uses the internet to do businesses. This is where PTAC can come into play.

PTAC has a great website that has links to 32 useful government websites. Take time to look at them and see if they can help you. If there is anything that catches your eye, just call us (this is the effort part) and set an appointment with us so we can work with you to grow your business in the government market. That’s what we do!

Call Del Mar College PTAC at 698-1025 so we can help you save time as you make the effort to sell to the government. Visit our website at


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