Keeping Your Contact Info Updated


Relocation due to growth? Changes in contact information? We realize that some companies are experiencing growth and we congratulate you for that. Your hard work has paid off!

But , if, along with you relocation, your contact information (phone number, e-mail address) changes, we at the Del Mar College PTAC need to know about the changes as soon as possible. As many of you are aware, our main method of contact is e-mail. We send all of our bid postings as well as notices for seminars and other important information via e-mail.

If, for some reason, you are experiencing trouble setting up your e-mail account after a move, you may check our PTAC website for any bidding opportunities that you may have not received. That website address is All of the postings that we send out are on this website as well.

Our mission at the Del Mar College PTAC is to make your company more successful in acquiring government contracts. Your contact information is very important and essential to us. Once again, please let us know about any changes in contact information as soon as possible.


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