Tips To Better Protect Your Important Computer Data


No matter how many times you hear about someone’s computer crashing, people never seem to consider the same thing could happen to them. Especially being a business owner data files need to be kept safe and protected from potential disasters. Here are a few easy tips to follow to help protect yourself from becoming a victim.

1. Clean out old files. Throw out or store what you don’t need anymore including old e-mails.

2. Update any anti-virus software, spyware, and firewall protections on all of your computers.

3. Implement a data backup process that encrypts and stores your data in a secure remote location. An easy and relatively inexpensive alternative is to utilize is a flash drive to back up your most important files.

4. Update passwords and review the list of who has access to your data. People’s roles change within your company and so will their need to access your data.

5. Make sure to keep the original software disks for your computer and other programs. This will make recovery easier in the event of data loss.


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